Best Deer Feeder: A Buying Guide

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best deer feeder

Looking for the best deer feeder? Then you have come to the right place. There are a lot of deer feeders that are available in the market right now, but the hardest part is to figure out which one is best for you. A good deer feeder shouldn’t have any complexities and installation should be simple.

Follow the guide given below to get the idea about how to find the best deer feeder, and you can check our reviews on some of the deer feeders.

Things to be considered before buying the best deer feeder

Before purchasing the best deer feeder, you should know some things.

  • Once you buy a deer feeder, make sure that the deer feeder is placed in a very comfortable spot. The spot should be in a secure location where the other animals or weather conditions don’t disturb it. This can help the food to last longer.
  • If you are putting it in a secure spot, make sure that it is easily accessible to the deer.
  • Another factor that should be taken care of is the clogging. Yes, a deer feeder can get clogged up. So, make sure that you clean it once in a while and make sure that it doesn’t clog up.
  • The installation should be straightforward and simple. But if the installation is hard and not tidy enough, then you cannot expect the deer to come around it.
  • Keeping the other animals away is one thing that should be taken care of.
  • A deer feeder should be affordable as there are not many features that are required in it. Try to make a budget and stick to it.

How to choose the best deer feeder?

Choosing the best deer feeder is not a hard task. First thing, you should know what are you looking for as there are a lot of deer feeders available in the market. You can choose between the different type of deer feeders. There are standing ones, and also the hanging ones. So, you can choose between either of them depending on what type you need, or think the deer will find comfortable. It also depends on the kind of environment you have as it can also play a crucial role in it.

Since the deer feeders come in different shapes and sizes, you have a wide range of products that you can choose from. The feeder should grab their attention, but it should not grab the attention of all the wildlife around the area where you are installing it. Hunting can become hard if you don’t know when the deer will come. So, try to observe the time when deer come to the feeder the most. And at last, make sure that you can also access the deer feeder easily.

Top 4 Best Deer Feeders

Now that you know what’s essential for buying the best deer feeder you can easily go and look through the market and finds what’s comfortable for you. We have also reviewed some of the feeders to help you find the best one. According to us, there are 3 best deer feeders that you can choose from. One is the big game hanging the feeder, second, Moultrie Tripod Feeders and the other is Moultrie pro-hunter hanging deer feeder. For more information, you can go through the reviews mentioned below.

Moultrie 30-Gallon Pro Hunter Hanging Deer Feeder
The price of this deer feeder is a little high if we look at all the features that it has to offer.  Overall, this deer feeder is very durable and can last long.Read full review
The lid band is hard to attach
Flat bottom makes it hard to empty the barrel
It is very costly
Cost efficient
High capacity
360-degree coverage
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Moultrie Deer Feeder Elite
Moultrie Tripod Feeders are ideal and a convenient way to keep the deer on the property and enrich the hunting experience. Designed to withstand numerous challenges, Moultrie Tripod Feeders are built to last. With the numerous technological infusions, like the programmable timer and the feed level-estimator, they can be operated with ease which saves on time and resources. Moultrie Tripod Feeders are, therefore, a valuable addition to deer hunting and can be acquired at very reasonable prices. Read full review
Easily pricked by the woods and other sharp objects
Low regional coverage
Cannot withstand strong natural forces
Limited Power Source
Durability and protection from destruction
Easy to use and set up
UV- rays protection
360-degree coverage
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Redneck Blinds T-Post Gravity Feeder
gravity deer feeder
The Redneck Blinds T-Post Gravity Feeder is built for the wild and designed to improve the deer hunting experience. With a simple design and durable materials the feeder is easy to maintain and move from one location to another when the need arise. The analog system makes the Redneck Blinds T-Post Gravity Feeder the appropriate hunting feeder because it can be comfortably used in the wild where there is no access to electricity and other power sources. .Read full review
Limited feeding regions
Must be operated manually
Cumbersome and expensive in regions with bad terrain
Easy to maintain
Feed preservation
Easy to install and move
Big feed mouth
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Big Game 100 lbs Hanging Game Feeder with Timer Steel Black
This a good decent deer feeder. The price is affordable and will effectively fulfill the purposeRead full review
Needs more maintenance
You might need gasket on lid
Need a strong cable and fittings
Decent feeding broadcast
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