Trophy Deer Hunting : The Mental Game

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Master these mental tactics and you’ll take the buck of your dreams

Why do some hunters consistently take big bucks and most do not? Trophy deer hunting is not about luck or hunting illegally. Realize that the few hunters consistently taking big whitetails are simply doing things most hunters are not willing to do.

So how do we copy their success? You can’t start any discipline without a solid foundation. And when hunting mature whitetail bucks, your mental fitness is where you start. In other words, you can know all there is to know about whitetail behavior, but if you don’t increase your mental game you won’t take record-class animals. Consider the following tips as absolute musts to ensuring your trophy deer hunting success.

And at the bottom of the page I’ll throw you a no-brainer to help you build on this foundation and take your big buck dreams to the next level.

What do you think about record-class whitetails?

You have to think very differently about monster bucks. They’re just a different breed of animal. Even if you consistently harvest smaller bucks each year, you need a whole different mindset to bag the big boys.

You might say to yourself, “I know exactly what I’m doing but I can’t afford leased property and I’m stuck on public land. There’s nothing there but forkies and spikes.” Realize if your land sees a lot of hunters, then any big bucks in your area behave even more secretly. The largest bucks use everything in their arsenal to avoid you seeing or killing them. Unless you change your thinking and tactics significantly, you won’t even know they’re around. Big whitetails are more than happy to let inexperienced, small bucks bite the dust.

Consider this. I have a cousin who hunts public land in Tennessee near a major metropolitan area. Now this isn’t a state known for large-antlered whitetails and his land practically has a hunter in every tree. Yet, his upgraded mindset tells him trophy animals are in his area. Consequently, he tags nice bucks including bruisers scoring 130 to 150 Boone and Crocket points. Not bad for “poor quality” public land.

Once you agree monster bucks are different than smaller ones and they’re likely hiding under your very nose, then you’ve won half the battle.

If you can’t “see” it, then you can’t do it

Set yourself a goal before you start your spring and summer pre-season scouting (which is what you should do to bag that bruiser, right?) and you’ll be well on your way to hitting your target. What’s an example of a good goal in this case? Maybe it’s refusing to settle for anything but the biggest buck ever taken in your area, or even setting your sights on a record book animal. If you can’t visualize what you’re after, then it’s almost impossible to achieve it. Unless you set a specific goal, then you’re likely to settle on a lesser buck, or you’re likely to leave your stand early because you’re uncomfortable or hungry, or any of a number of excuses that ambush your success.

Make your hunt a positive experience

Think positively and you’ll be tipping the odds further in your favor to seeing and harvesting big bucks. A positive mindset keeps you focused and attentive, despite a growling stomach or cold temps, and keeps you motivated to getting into the woods day in and day out. You’ll be seeing things you’ve never seen before – that twitch of a tail, the tines sticking out of the tall grass – and you’ll be having the time of your life. Positive energy brings positive results. Have you ever had a good time outdoors, or been productive at all, when you’ve been in a foul mood? You need all the tools you can get to successfully pursue mature whitetails. This tip will get you one step closer to your goal.

Take your trophy deer hunting dreams to the next level

So now you know the mental fundamentals for harvesting big whitetails. Add these tips to some well-applied tactics and you’ll be wrapping your hands around massive main beams come this fall. Click the link below to download an essential e-book, which is chock-full of excellent, pro-level tactics and tips for taking the buck of your dreams. It can mean the difference between “back slaps and backstraps” or another unfruitful season. In other words, it’s a no-brainer.

Photo by : Stenfan02

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