Trophy Deer Hunting : Score Big

trophy deer hunting
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When it comes to trophy deer hunting, big is better, so here are some tactics you can use to slip your tag on giant main beams rather than the usual spike

Trophy deer hunting makes our hearts pound like no other pursuit. That’s because big white-tailed deer aren’t like any other. We’re dealing with very intelligent, mature animals whose life experiences have taught them to avoid you at all cost. And they’re very good at it. Better than you might think. To successfully hunt mature whitetails, you’ll need the following tactics in your tool belt. Use them well.

Timing is everything

You’ve got to spend a lot of time in the woods to take the big boys. You can either hope for a large whitetail (which I don’t recommend) or create your own luck and give lots of time and attention to hunting and pre- and post-season scouting. When you add hard work and smarts to well-applied tactics, you’re on your way to becoming a legend on your land. Don’t like spending a lot of time to get what you want? Well, you can be like other hunters who stay at home dreaming about big bucks (that they’ll have to literally stumble upon in the few days they spend afield), or you can be in the woods creating your own luck.

If you’re trophy deer hunting, then you’ve got to do this

It’s simple – be more selective. If you’re tired of taking forkies and spikes, then stop taking them. Think of your tag as your ticket to a monster whitetail. You can’t harvest a giant buck if you fill your tag on the first newbie that walks by. Keep your pre-season goal in mind and don’t let anything get in the way of that dream. This truly seperates the beginners from the pros.

Be patient

Now that you’re determined to be more selective, keep in mind that mature whitetail bucks let the smaller ones take all the risks. When deer move into a field at night, the big boys are hanging back to let the does and small bucks venture out first. If the trophy buck feels the coast is clear, he’ll then move out with them. If you shoot the first buck you see, then you may be missing out on the giant that’s hanging back in the woods. Be patient and efforts just might be rewarded.

A picture is worth a thousand words

If you haven’t picked up on the trail cam craze yet, then you’ve been missing out. Trail cams (or cameras) show you what’s moving past your stand day and night. The trail cam is working when you’re not there. Nothing verifies that you’re on the right track when you see pictures of a giant buck walking along a potential stand location. You’ll learn two valuable lessons with trail cams. First, you’ll know what quality of bucks are in your area. Secondly, you’ll be able to more quickly decide which stand locations have the best potential for taking a trophy whitetail. When you find a nice scrape, setup your trail cam instead of your tree stand and see what’s visiting that scrape (mostly) at night. You’ll likely see some nice activity that will help you plot your ambush elsewhere.

More tips to ensure your success

There are many more pro-level tips that will give you the inside information you need to seperate yourself from other hunters. You know, the guys who either don’t harvest a deer, or take the usual immature buck or doe. Check out this information-packed guide to harvesting big bucks. When you can get insider information this inexpensively and that will take you to the next level of trophy deer hunting, it’s hard to pass up.

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